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MyTenRing - Manual Vacuum Pump
Our vacuum pump perfectly complements the MyTenRing ring, creating the ultimate penis care system for ED. When used in combination, the penis ring and vacuum pump ensure optimal erection can be achieved and maintained.

MyTenRing - Erectile Dysfunction Ring
Achieve Your Maximum Erectile Potential MyTenring has been engineered to constrict the blood flow, temporarily preventing blood from flowing out of the penis therefore giving the user maximum erectile potential. Users of MyTenring will be able to sustain an erection for up to thirty minutes at a time without pain or irritation. These fantastic results are made possible through the unique design of the MyTenring. The symmetrical inner nodes found within this ring efficiently restrict the flow of blood from the penis, enabling sustained erection, while the area between the nodes minimises pressure on the urethra and dorsal artery.


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