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Baci Lingerie - Fingerless Ruffle Lace Evening Gloves
Thrilling, adorable, black gloves made of black lace with sensual, lavish flower ornamentation and a unique diamond design. The extravagant, elbow-length design offers a noble look thanks to is lace frills and loop over the middle finger.

Baci Lingerie - Long Flower Lace Evening Glove
These black lace gloves showcase themselves as sensual and delicate. It achieves a thrilling, mystical glamour in a seductive play of transparency with filigree floral ornamentation and a diamond pattern. Its elbow-length design is seamed with a narrow lace border.

Baci Lingerie - Long Satin Evening Gloves
These white gloves made of luxurious, shimmering satin showcase themselves with irresistible elegance and delicate sensuality. Its close-fit, elbow-length form and puristical design enhance your charm and make this garment a captivating accessory.

Baci Lingerie - Wrist Length Lace Fingerless Gloves
These sheer black fingerless lace gloves with filigree flower design remind one of classic noblesse. They gently and sensually caress you with their ornamental lace borders and give off a breathtaking look.

Baci Lingerie - Wrist Length Satin And Lace Evening Gloves
These white, delicate, shimmering, close-fit gloves in a romantic design make for a glamorous appearance. With its thrilling mix of microfiber and sheer lace that adorns the wrists in a wavy pattern, these gloves shine with a luxurious and noble look.

Baci Lingerie - Wrist Length Satin Evening Gloves
These white satin gloves made of glamorous satin showcase themselves as exclusive and paradisiacal. Their short, puristical design impress through timeless elegance, which at the same time come off as confident and promising. With charming openings on the wrist.

Baci Lingerie - Long Satin Evening Gloves
These delicate, white gloves are seductive and paradisiacal and know how to seduce through their luxurious, shimmering satin. Their long, close-body form sensually and promisingly drapes you. These gloves charmingly and puristically accentuate your breathtaking femininity.

Baci Lingerie - Lace Mid-Length Evening Gloves
These elbow-length, filigree gloves sensually and extravagantly infatuate with their very light floral pattern and paradisiacal transparency. Narrow, delicate lace borders adorn the seams and make these gloves an elegant accessory that lets you charmingly shine.

Baci Lingerie - High Neck Mesh Cape
This black tulle cape with delicate, promisingly transparent tulle passionately and mystically drapes you. Its lavish, high-gloss, diva-like stand-up collar with thrilling texture is a seductive eye-catcher that lets you secretly and glamorously shine.

Baci Lingerie - Wrist Length Lace Evening Gloves
The filigree flower ornamentation adorns your skin like a lightly breathed secret. Black translucent gloves made of delicate lace, which perfectly dominates the sensual game of contrast. Its unique, short form provides a noble look.

Baci Lingerie - Satin And Lace Sleep Mask
This noble eye mask in playful pink showcases itself as radiant and paradisiacal. Its delicate heart tulle is bordered by sparkling sequins and shimmering filigree frilled satin. Its delicate ribbons make this eye mask a majestic accessory.

Baci Lingerie - Wrist Length Satin Glove With Bow
These delicate, pink gloves made of noble, shimmering satin showcase themselves as glamorous and princess-like. Its short form is delicately ruffled at the seam and adorned with a romantic ribbon that creates a promising, irresistible look.

Satin And Pearl Pasties
A sensual collection of pearls and lace to enhance romance and intimate play. Lightweight, form fitting pasties with luxurious pearls. Adhesive tape included.

Locked In Love Navel Ring
Pinch it on and capture your lovers heart for ever.

Peekaboos Hot Pink Sequin with Black Tassels Pasties
Peekaboos Hot Pink Sequin with Black Tassels Pasties Play it safe with Peekaboos premium sequin pasties! Designed with you in mind, these sleek, fashionable pasties give you the freedom to be yourself. Now more than ever you can dare to wear today's most revealing fashions without showing more than you want. Deep v-neck T-shirts, super-sheer tanks, fishnet tops, ultra-sexy dresses... Whatever your style, wear it with confidence - we've got you covered!

Baci Lingerie - Satin Leg Garter
This black garter luxuriously and charmingly showcases itself with delicate ruffles. Its slender, puristical design is adorned by a button and a decorative loop. The flexible garter closely and extraordinarily caresses you.


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