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NV Effect Stealth Attraction eCig - For Women
You do not have to inhale NVE vapor to attract the opposite sex, and these e-cigs contain NO NICOTINE. One puff held in the mouth for a few seconds and casually allowed to flow from your lips activates the NVE effect.

NV Effect Stealth Attraction eCig - For Men
You do not have to inhale NVE vapor to attract the opposite sex, and these e-cigs contain NO NICOTINE. One puff held in the mouth for a few seconds and casually allowed to flow from your lips activates the NVE effect.

Gentle Almond Oil 120ml
A sensuous shinning almond massage oil.

How To Please A Woman Kit
This sexy kit takes the mystery out of giving women the experience of intense pleasure! With detailed expert instruction and erotic helpful toys, you’ll never again have to wonder if she’s satisfied!

Couples BDSM How To Kit
Explore your boundaries with this erotic kit that introduces you and your partner to the BDSM experience. Bring a naughty edge to your sex life by discovering techniques and tools for light bondage, sensory deprivation and more!

Amazing Cunnilingus Kit
Do you want to give or get amazing cunnilingus? You need this incredible kit from Zero Tolerance Toys that gives you everything you need to blow her mind! It's got a vibrating Crossbones Oral Sex Buddy and a Tongue Vibrator to boost your performance, oral sex candy to add some flavorful fun, a deck of playing cards with 52 ways to please your gal and enhance your tongue and finger technique, not to mention a full hour DVD of live cunnilingus demonstrations narrated by 'sexpert' Dr. Ava Cadell! It's the gift that keeps giving to the woman in your life, again and again!

Evolved Lovers Rendezvous Gift Set
The Lover’s Rendezvous Collection is the perfect companion for any engagement. Complete with everything you need from massagers all the way down to rose petals. This small yet robust kit, is perfect for anyone who is looking to add a little extra fun and passion into their lives. The Lover’s Rendezvous Collection also makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Crazy Girl Diva Dust 14g
This Diva Dust is an all-over shimmering body powder enhanced with pheromones to add a boost of sex appeal. Lightly dust a little of this powder over your skin before heading out for the night or a even romantic night in for an enchanting aura that will make any man weak in the knees.

Eye Of Love Morning Glow 16ml - Pheromone Parfum
This advanced daily parfum for female is specially formulated to be worn in the daytime. whether you are at work, school, or just hanging with friends at a cafe. use EYE of LOVE morning glow parfum to: Be more outgoing and social Be more charismatic

Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sensation Sensual Bath Oil 100ml
Rich and indulgent, Sweet Sensation is a sensual bath oil infused with bergamot, sandalwood and musk, Christian's signature scent. A skin-softening formula complemented by sunflower and jojoba oil to offer a luxurious and skin-nourishing bath time treat.

Fifty Shades of Grey Sensual Touch Massage Oil 100ml
Transform your intimate pleasure with Sensual Touch Massage Oil. Infused with Christian's signature bergamot, sandalwood and musk scent, along with enriching jojoba and essential oils, this skin-softening massage oil enhances foreplay and seduction.

System Jo 2 to Tango - Stimulating Lubricants
Come let's make a date To Tango quite late, and when we get tired 2 to Tango is hired. The affinity of a man and woman create the romance and sparks the fire that heats up the intimate encounters that only those TWO can experience! Perfect union of prolonging and stimulating personal lubricant kit for women and for men.

Cupid Chocolate Bodypaint 250g
Chocolate flavoured bodypaint, paint it on, lick it off, the only limitations is your imagination..... Ingredients: glucose, sugar, water, cocoa, skim milk powder, corn startch (1414) Vanilla, irish cream flavouring, preservative (202) regulator (507) emulsafier (500) Weight: 250g NET

Fukuoku Vibrating Five Finger Massage Glove
The Five Finger multi-speed vibrating massage glove heightens a sensual massage. The Five Finger massage glove is made of Lycra which gives a satin feel. It sends 45,000 vibes per minute. Each finger generates 9,000 therapeutic vibrations per minute. The Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove is the ultimate in total body massage. Conducive to all oils, creams and gels. It's even waterproof and submersible so you can share relaxing moments with your partner in the shower, bathtub, Jacuzzi and sauna.

System JO Maximizer - Breasts & Buttocks Shaping Cream
Non-Hormonal Enhancement Lotion for Breasts & Buttocks. Maximizer is a non-hormonal body lotion that enhances breasts and buttocks by stimulating and increasing volume of adypocites. Also increases toning and firming of skin. JO Maximizer is a light, fast absorbing formula derived from natural ingredients.

Max 4 Men Total Body Rash Free Shave Cream - Fresh 118ml
Upgrade your shave... formulated just for men from the makers of infamous Coochy Creme. Made with hair and skin softening agenst for smooth rash-free shave. Helps prevent embarrassing shave bumps and ingrown hairs left behind by other shave products.


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