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Fetish Fantasy LE Ben Wa Balls
He pushed my legs apart giving him full access to my pussy. I gasped as I felt him push something cold and round into me. “What are you doing?” I asked breathlessly. “They’re called Ben-Wa balls” he said, sliding another ball into me. He helped me to my feet, and I gasped again as I felt the balls move and bump against each other inside me. By the time I was standing up my breath was coming in quiet gasps, and my nipples were hard as pebbles beneath my dress. Material: Metal Each ball weighs: 1oz (28.3g)

Fetish Fantasy LE Love Plumes
One touch from these seductively soft feathers and you'll know why we call them Love Plumes! Tease, tickle, and titillate your lover with each sensuous stroke! 1 Plume Only (Picture shows more). NOTE: Manufactured using faux feathers.

Fetish Fantasy LE Wartenberg Wheel
Tickle, tease and please your lover with this medical-grade Wartenberg Wheel. Named after the famous neurologist Dr. Robert Wartenberg, this stainless steel pinwheel delivers a tingly sensation as the prickly pins roll across the skin. Combined with a blindfold and restraint, the heightened sensory experience will leave you breathless. The sharp tips of the wheel gently pressed against my neck, while his hands fondled my breasts and his tongue tickled both ear lobes. He ran the prickly wheel across the slope of my shoulder, sending chills down my spine and all over my body.

Fetish Fantasy LE Leather Love Mask
Create thrilling sexual excitement with this beautiful Fetish Fantasy Leather Love Mask. Try it on your lover or use it as a nightshade for yourself. When you put it on your partner, it softly covers their eyes, keeping your lover in a pleasurable state of darkness and anticipation that heightens their sexual desire. This high quality mask stays comfortably in place with an elastic fabric strap. Heightened sensory awareness can lead to extraordinary love sessions for both you and your partner.

Fetish Fantasy LE Shock Therapy
Give your sex life a "charge" with this incredible beginner's electro-sex kit. This electric stimulation Shock Therapy Kit is perfect for first-timers and those new to e-stimulation. Choose a setting on the power unit’s dial to control the intensity and go from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in seconds. Switch between “SLOW” or “FAST” to control the frequency of the shock, or adjust the dial to control the strength of the shock. The Luv Touch™ compact control unit sends electrical impulses to the clamps and can be used alone as a hand massager or together with the clamps. To use the control as a hand massager, switch ..

Fetish Fantasy Wedding Night Kit
Say "I Do" to a night of Fetish Fantasy with the ultimate Wedding Night Kit. Everything a newlywed couple needs to explore a night of naughty fetish fun is included in this all-white kink kit: luxuriously soft Satin Love Cuffs, a Cat O' Nine Tails Flogger, a Sexy Lace Garter Belt, Sexy Satin Panties, Satin X-Pasties, a Feather Tickler and a free Satin Love Mask. You'll both love the soft, silky feel of the smooth satin cloth against your skin! The comfortable cuffs easily adjust to fit most sizes, while the satin panties feature a stretchy lace waistband and sexy g-string back. The satin love mask gently blocks light from coming throug..

Fetish Fantasy Kinky Kitty Kit
Make your partner purr with pleasure while you train them with this Kinky Kitty Kit. This beginner's bondage assortment includes everything you need to explore your feline fantasies. From role-playing scenarios to kinky costume play, this all-in-one BDSM collection is perfect for your first fetish foray. The hot pink cheetah pattern is playful and naughty, leaving your subject looking sexy, seductive and ready to pounce on. Curious to see what makes this little kitten purr? Crack the leather cat o' nine tails and let your pet know who's in charge. The cuffs, collar, and ball gag easily adjust to fit most sizes, and the soft vinyl m..

Adam & Eve Scarlet Duo Balls
Scarlet Couture Glass Duo Balls. Exercise with the balls for greater control and stronger stimulation. Great for low-key stimulation for long periods of time. Change the balls' temperature for extra stimulation. Retrieval ring on end for safe and easy removal. Balls can be removed from the silicone harness. Measures 1 inch wide and 3 inches long, insertable. Balls are made from hypoallergenic glass. Harness is made from smooth and stretchy silicone.

Fetish Fantasy LE Spider Gag
Keep your sub's mouth and lips parted and enhance erotic play with the Fetish Fantasy Spider Gag. Featuring a 1.7 inch wrapped metal O-ring and 4 curved connecting bars, this gag offers a more extreme oral position for advanced BDSM exploration. Unlike many bondage gags which still allow the wearer to close their lips, the spider mouth gag has been specially crafted to ensure your partner's lips stay wide-open throughout play. Restrain your sub using the secure 9 hole buckle fastening and instantly intensify your S&M pleasure-session. Key Features:
  • Spider O-ring bondage gag for advanced gagging and restraint pla..

Fetish Fantasy LE Vibrating Silicone Nipple Lassos
Enjoy incredible hands-free stimulation with the Vibrating Silicone Nipple Lassos. These elegant silicone wonders activate with a single switch to provide powerful vibrations right where you want them most. The whisper-quiet motor tickles and teases, while the super-soft silicone feels great against your skin. Simply place your nipple inside the lasso and slide the clear bead down to adjust the tension. Remove the bullet from the sleeve to replace the included LR48/AG5 batteries. Includes 2 powerful whisper-quiet motors with LR48/AG5 batteries. Turn yourself on instantly with a flick of the switch!


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